Chicken or beef?

Hmmm, Snowdonia or the Lakes? A common question in our household, usually on the Friday evening preceding a ‘planned’ day of walking on Saturday. I say planned, but what usually happens is a conversation between me and Mrs. C. along the lines of, “Fancy a walk Saturday?” “Can do. Where you thinking?” “Snowdonia or the … More Chicken or beef?

Review: Aiguille Alpine ‘El Nino’ 27l rucksack

If, like me, you despair of modern rucksack designs with their spindly straps, fiddly clips, overly elaborate back systems and all manner of seemingly superfluous dangly bits then read on… Based in a small unit in the village of Staveley in the Lake District, Aiguille Alpine has been quietly making rucksacks and other outdoor equipment … More Review: Aiguille Alpine ‘El Nino’ 27l rucksack