Walking for Wildlife – a very soggy 42km

In my last blog I mentioned that Mrs. C and I were planning to walk ’40k in a day’. Our aim was to visit a variety of local sites of importance for wildlife while raising funds for the Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country – see here for more details. Well, on Wednesday 19th August (a day that surely must go down in history as one of the wettest on record) we completed a route of 42km (26miles) and managed to raise a total of £500 (as of today, 20th Aug). Since our original target of £400 was, we thought, an ambitious goal we have been delighted with the response.

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to donate. We were heartened and spurred on by the generosity and support we received from friends, colleagues, acquaintances and anonymous strangers. Thank you all! Your contributions will directly support important wildlife conservation work in the Birmingham and Black Country region. Bostin!

If you didn’t manage to donate but would like to then you’re in luck – it’s not too late! Follow the link below and let’s see how high we can get the total! Please. We got really wet.


Here’s our day in pictures:

And our route around the region (done anticlockwise):

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