Here be dragons…

I’ve been fortunate over the last few months to be able to spend some time watching and photographing dragonflies down at my local nature reserve, Wolverhampton’s Smestow Valley. The reserve is well served with potential breeding sites for these enigmatic and beautiful insects, with three suitable ponds, a canal and several brooks. Invariably I have … More Here be dragons…

Snowdonia Ambassador

I am delighted to have been awarded the ‘Llysgennad Eryri Ambassador’ gold award for 2021. Participants in the ambassador scheme gain an enhanced knowledge of Snowdonia National Park’s special cultural, historical and natural qualities. As an ambassador I am pleased to be able to play an important role in enriching the Snowdonia visitor experience!

Back in business!

A combination of recent lockdown relaxations and a decent weather forecast proved much too hard to resist and we headed back to Wales for a long overdue walk in the hills. In the spirit of social distancing we headed for the unaccountably perma-quiet Cambrian Mountains of mid-Wales. Crowning glory of the range, and one of … More Back in business!

B’ham & Black Country Wildlife Trust ‘Wild Day of Action’

To support the Government’s Year of Green Action Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust are organising lots of Wild Action Days where you can get involved to make your neighbourhood a wildlife haven. A team of experts and volunteers will be on hand to help you sample practical conservation activities, make nature crafts or join walks … More B’ham & Black Country Wildlife Trust ‘Wild Day of Action’

The Mountains of Macedonia

My article on the Mountains of Macedonia from the Autumn 2018 edition of the Mountain Training publication, “The Professional Mountaineer”: Ask people their favourite European walking destinations and it’s unlikely Macedonia will receive a single mention. Yet this sparsely populated Balkans republic has much to offer the adventurous hill walker. Innumerable peaks rise to over … More The Mountains of Macedonia

Misty play for me.

It’s been a year since I did my Mountain Leader training. As part of the training I was introduced to the delights of night navigation. While no stranger to wandering the hills in the dark, my previous experience was limited to simply following well worn paths up and down familiar peaks in Snowdonia. Now I … More Misty play for me.

Macedonia: Polite cheese and a mountain called Steve, but beware the peacocks!

‘Macedonia? Where’s that?’ Even now this is still the most common response we receive when asked where we’re going on our holidays. It’s the southern-most former Yugoslav republic, bordering Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece, in case you’re still wondering. We’ve been visiting Macedonia for many years Mrs. C and I, largely due to the fact … More Macedonia: Polite cheese and a mountain called Steve, but beware the peacocks!

Chicken or beef?

Hmmm, Snowdonia or the Lakes? A common question in our household, usually on the Friday evening preceding a ‘planned’ day of walking on Saturday. I say planned, but what usually happens is a conversation between me and Mrs. C. along the lines of, “Fancy a walk Saturday?” “Can do. Where you thinking?” “Snowdonia or the … More Chicken or beef?